Company Overview

Rotech Laboratories Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rubery Owen Holdings Limited, a company founded more than a century ago and whose name has always been synonymous with quality and engineering. The origins of the Laboratory date back to around 1918, when a works laboratory was set up at the parent company in Darlaston to test and analyse all materials before going into production.

As the parent company and then the RO Group expanded (66 UK firms and 18 overseas businesses by 1969) so did the laboratory, moving several times to larger premises and providing both technical advice and testing services to the parent and group companies supplying products to the automotive, fastener, agricultural equipment, and general engineering sectors, and many other industries. When British manufacturing started to decline in the 70’s and 80’s, the laboratory systematically replaced lost in-house business by offering a commercial metallurgical testing and advisory service to Industry.

More than just a testing business

British Industry today faces unprecedented challenges from across the world and it has long been recognised that the future of British manufacturing lies in innovation and the manufacture of more specialised high quality products, rather than in volume production of low value products. Rotech Laboratories Ltd., one of the UK’s leading materials testing laboratories based in the Black Country, is committed to assisting companies within a range of industry sectors to achieve those goals.

Today, Rotech Laboratories prides itself on an extensive schedule of accredited tests and offers a large range of testing services to many sectors of industry. Rotech is proud of its comprehensive product knowledge and the ability to provide technical support to all its customers. Indeed, Rotech has successfully developed a unique position within the laboratory testing scene providing immediate friendly, personal and professional advice from extensive experience in many sectors.

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