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February 27, 2017

Rotronics Battery Management Systems, part of the Rubery Owen group of companies, is the UK supplier for CTEK products.

The CTEK Pro 60 Smart Battery Charger and Support Unit was reviewed in a Special Product Test Report in the Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine in February 2017. Mark Whitworth of Autospark Ltd took charge of of the testing and this is what he had to say.

"Battery support is a term that has become more commonplace in recent years. A battery charger is no longer just a battery charger. It is now crucial to ensure any unit you purchase is capable of battery support, as well as dealing with the many types of battery technologies available today, including: lithium, calcium, AGM and not forgetting the good old lead acid battery. For this reason, I jumped at the chance to carry out a product test on CTEK's Pro 60 Smart Battery charger and Battery Support Unit.

"First impressions were good. The product was delivered and installed by Tony Zeal, Training Manager from CTEK. Tony gave me a quick demonstration on its use, explained a few important points and then left it with me. The unit is an approximately 12” square block with a sturdy folding handle on top. The clear backlit LCD display is also on the top with functional buttons and indicator leads positioned at the sides of and below the
screen. It comes with a 7ft power lead and long 5m heavy duty battery leads with large sturdy strong grip battery clips. 

"Could I find a place in my workshop for one? Yes, without a doubt!"

To read the full article or view their range of CTEK products visit www.rotronicsbms.com

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