Shukers Sells to the Sinclair Group

October 19, 2022

The Sinclair Group is Wales’s largest privately-owned motor group, representing the most prestigious brands in the industry such as JLR, Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, SEAT, Skoda, Smart.  They have dealerships in Port Talbot, Swansea, Bridgend, Neyland, Hay on Wye and have a turnover of £544m, employing 850 people (now including Shukers).  The Sinclair Group is headed up by Andy Sinclair.

Richard Jenkins, Rubery Owen CEO, says: “We feel that the best opportunity for Shukers to achieve its long-term potential, and the ambitions of the senior team, is to do that under new ownership. We want to secure a really exciting future for Shukers, which is about development and growth. 

“Automotive Groups representing premium brands are tending to become bigger, the economies of scaling up are essential. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, companies who are able to manage their costs, either by increasing their purchasing power or spreading their HQ costs, such as insurance, CDK, central management costs, over a greater number of dealership outlets, gain a competitive advantage over smaller groups like ourselves.

“The future of the UK motor retail environment will face a lot of change in the coming years. There is the move to electrification, the increasing importance of on-line sales, the move to an agency style network of motor retailers. To take advantage of all the opportunities these changes present, we believe that Shukers will be better placed being part of a much bigger family company that is purely focused on the motor retail sector.”

Early in the proceedings, it was agreed by the Board and Shareholders, that a buyer would be found based on being the best ‘home’ for our team and the business. We believe that the Sinclair Group is like Rubery Owen in style and values. We have worked closely with the buyers to ensure that the transition works in the best interest of the Shukers team.  

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