Industry Perceptions of Battery Management

October 05, 2016

Battery maintenance is a fairly unknown sector, so we have identified just some of the industry perceptions that are out there.

1. Batteries are maintenance free.

Just like any other part of the vehicle batteries incur wear and tear, it is therefore crucial to maintain your battery. By properly maintaining your battery you can improve battery life, battery performance and vehicle reliability.

2. A vehicles charging system takes care of the battery.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a vehicle charging systems takes care of the battery. This is just not the case, with battery related problems remaining to be one of the most frequent reasons for roadside breakdown. Constant short start/stop journeys can drain your vehicles battery, giving the alternator little chance of charging it. By regularly testing and charging your battery you can avoid battery failures.

3. Workshops do not have time to charge batteries.

This simply is not the case. We ensure that our battery management solutions are tailored to your business which means installing a charging system that fits within your workshops routine. Our programmes are moulded around each business, which ensure enhanced workshop productivity and fault diagnosis.

4. A jump start cures the problem.

‘Jump starting’ a vehicle with a flat battery is not a fix. A vehicles alternator with not fully re-charge batteries and therefore it is only a short term solution to your problem. It is important to remember that batteries even need a charge from time to time when the car is starting normally.

5. Battery re-sellers sell batteries – not solutions.

Buying new batteries isn’t always necessary. Simply replacing batteries is often ineffective, particularly when often a pre-existing problem on the vehicle or its drive cycle may exist. It is crucial to get to the root of the problem before opting for short term fixes, careful maintenance will increase battery lifetime and reduce the need to buy new batteries.

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