Mayor of the West Midlands Opens New Laboratory and Testing Facility

November 12, 2019

To celebrate the collaboration of Merlin Powder Characterisation, Phoenix Materials Testing and Rotech Laboratories, within the Rubery Owen Materials Testing Division, Mr Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, officially opened The Rubery Owen Testing and Research Centre on 12th November 2019. Rubery Owen is proud to have developed a state-of-the art testing facility in Brierley Hill, in the heart of the Black Country. 

The new site combines the latest in high temperature, humidity and pressure testing capabilities along with current fatigue and thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) testing. It also houses the Merlin Powder Characterisation test facility in which the physical properties and compressibility of pharmaceutical drugs (API’s), excipients and formulations are determined by use of a hydraulic compaction simulator, coupled with the latest in compression science technology.

Mr Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “This new laboratory is so much about the revival of the Black Country and the West Midlands and I am extremely proud to be here to open the Rubery Owen Materials Testing Laboratory.  If you go on any plane in the world, there will be a part that has been made or tested in this area, in any car made in Britain there will be a part made in the West Midlands.  50% of Automotive industry R&D happens within 25 miles of Birmingham city centre.

“This region is right at the heart of the UKs engineering revival. If we look to the future and think of our youngsters, there are some incredible opportunities for them. We know that the most innovative companies have the highest productivity, create the most jobs and have the best long-term prospects.  What you are doing here, with the incredible research and testing, shows that you are right at the sweet-spot of our revival. Congratulations on your determination to invest in such a fantastic facility.”

Richard Jenkins, Rubery Owen CEO said: “This unique facility will help to keep the UK at the forefront of testing technology. We are excited to open our new testing centre and work with many great manufacturers and Universities, pushing the boundaries of how we develop the next generation of cars, aeroplanes, nuclear reactors and pharmaceutical products.”

Vicki Wilkes, Commercial Director at Phoenix, said: “We have always worked in R&D sectors such as UK Universities, Nuclear, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

“Within this building and the Rotech laboratory at Wednesbury, we have an expert team, equipment and capabilities that can support a range of R&D demands and more standard off-the-shelf solutions for customers that is not available anywhere else in the world.”

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