Phoenix and Rotech are ‘going large’ in bolt testing

January 18, 2019

Phoenix Materials Testing and Rotech Laboratories are working together to create a West Midlands Testing hub, which will cover metallographic work, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, routine mechanical testing, elevated temperature testing, environmental testing, large size fastener testing and bespoke thermomechanical testing.

The collaboration enables Rotech to offer UKAS accredited testing on Bolts & Nuts up to M42, under Phoenix Materials Testing flexible scope. Offering Axial Tensile (No proof stress) to ISO 898-1 2013, Wedge Testing to ISO 898-1 and ASTM A320 up to M42 size (1400kN)**(See Note 1)

Additional testing offered by Phoenix Materials Testing includes Fatigue, Creep and *Stress Rupture Testing, and any other bespoke testing that includes Tensile and compressive loads.

Dave Skeldon, Manager of Mechanical Testing at Rotech Laboratories and the Phoenix Materials Testing Lab added ‘We are also looking to extend our scope of testing to include BS ISO 3506-1, later this year.'

Discover more about our testing service here.

Note 1: Please refer to Rotech Laboratories UKAS testing lab No. 0366 and Phoenix Material Testing lab No. 6202 scope of accreditation available from
*Non UKAS accredited                    
 ** Length Dependant

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