Rolls Royce Technical Approval for Phoenix Materials Testing

July 12, 2018

Phoenix has been awarded Rolls Royce Technical Approval for High Temperature and Environmental Testing. This is a truly inspirational time for Phoenix Materials Testing as they continue to develop their high temperature and environmental products and services for customers across a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Nuclear and Automotive.

"This is a great opportunity for Phoenix to demonstrate our quality and ability to supply world leading companies with unrivalled products and services," says Sam Shevyn, Operations Manager.

In addition to this, following a successful audit in May 2018, we are now certified to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and BH OHSAS 18001 2007. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the highest-quality products and services to new and existing customers, even for one-off and unique requirements. The new approval will sit alongside our existing UKAS certification for testing (flexible scope, lab 0790) and calibration services (lab 6202).

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