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February 13, 2018

Rotech has featured in the latest Black Country Chamber of Commerce Prosper Magazine.

The testing laboratory has received a great write up from the magazine. Read the full article below:

"Rotech Laboratories, the West Midlands-based materials testing laboratory has extended its testing capability and opened the doors of its new Cleanliness Testing Laboratory in Wednesbury this week.

The new laboratory will specialize in verifying component cleanliness after manufacturing processes, covering Automotive and Aerospace specifications for suppliers such as Meggitt Control Systems, where qualitative and quantitative detection of particulate contamination is crucial in ensuring that parts are free from materials which may be harmful to the functionality of the end product.

The new designated facility is primarily intended for automotive and aerospace customers and will allow the Rotech team to increase its testing capacity.  They can now offer optimal reduction in particulate contamination risk and provide a fully-contained verification process in applications where reliability is crucial and safety paramount.

John Cross, General Manager of Rotech Laboratories, commented: “Contamination removal and cleanliness verification of components used in automotive, aerospace and many other sectors of industry, is becoming increasingly important as suppliers and end-users look for better reliability, longer warranty periods and avoidance of costly field failures.”

“At Rotech, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the range of services that we offer.  Our new cleanliness testing laboratory is an important asset to the business moving forward.”

Rotech Laboratories provides an extensive schedule of UKAS accredited tests and provides materials testing for customers across a large range of industry sectors, including energy and power, foundry and castings, welding and fabrication and fastenings, plus many areas of manufacturing, such as automotive, aerospace, metal finishing, stock holding, metal recycling, forgings, marine engineering and legal/trading standards.

Rotech is part of a significant materials testing facility which has been created in the Black Country by family-owned group Rubery Owen and includes Dudley-based Phoenix Materials Testing and Merlin Powder Characterisation, the UK’s most diverse materials testing specialists.  Rubery Owen is a family-owned group of businesses which has been operating in the Midlands since 1884.

Rotech’s major test work includes: Failure analysis and manufacturing investigations, microstructural evaluation, product finish testing utilising a fully-equipped coating testing laboratory, chemical analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, mechanical testing and weld testing."

To view the original article click here.


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