Smartwasher held in Sky-High Acclaim at Aerospace

December 21, 2017

Rozone’s PCS23 Mobile Smartwasher® is now in service in the production department at AE Aerospace’s Birmingham HQ to remove inter-operational oils, greases and water-based coolants from a wide range of metal parts, including aluminium, titanium, stainless steel alloys and aluminium bronze alloys.

To avoid corrosion during the production process, parts are coated in oils and coolants and these latterly need to be cleaned off.  The kerosene partswasher used previously left a film on the parts and required a 12-week service contract to remove and replace the solvent.

The AE Aerospace production team chose to use the SW-6 Specialist Metals Degreasing Fluid because of its US Aerospace approvals and, very importantly, it contains the necessary corrosion inhibitors.

Putting Safety First

One of the most important reasons for choosing the Smartwasher® was down to it being non-flammable, non-hazardous and posing no risk to employees if spilt. Any risks for the technicians have been eliminated using the Smartwasher`s® degreasing solution - Ozzy Juice.  There are no VOCs, no vapours and no unpleasant smells.

Carl Goodlad, Production Manager at AE, says: "We chose the Mobile PCS23 Smartwasher® because it reduces the health and safety risks associated with manual handling.  Technicians can move the machine to where the parts need cleaning and they no longer have to carry the components in trays to the partswasher. As well as reducing health and safety risks, this also saves time. We have also found that, unlike the kerosene bath we were previously using, the Smartwasher`s ® degreasing fluid does not leave a film on the components.

“At AE Aerospace, we are acutely aware of the need to look after our employees and surrounding environment, which is why we have a dedicated Health & Safety Officer onsite. “

Satisfying Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility

A key objective for AE Aerospace is concern for their staff, their communities and the environment. The company operates within a firm ethical framework and never puts profits before their social and environmental responsibilities.

AE Aerospace wants to use the latest technology and recognises that the industry must have considerable environmental awareness and demonstrate innovation in supplying customers which include Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Moog, BAE and GKN.

With the Smartwasher®, there is also no spill risk or fear of chemicals entering the water system. There is also no need for waste removal as the Smartwasher® cleverly recycles its fluid using bioremediating technology; effectively keeping itself clean.

Carl Goodlad said: “It is important to us that as well ensuring that the technicians’ health and safety is protected, there is also no risk to the environment. Critically for us and our customers, there is no residue left when cleaning with the Smartwasher®, which helps with the strict FOD inspection requirements (no Foreign Object Debris).”

Smartwashing Reaps Rewards in Efficiencies and Cost Savings

With their previous kerosene parts washer, the cost of a quarterly service contract had to be absorbed, for waste removal.  This cost saving will mean that the capital outlay for the Smartwasher® will be paid for in 24 months. The full cost savings will become clearer once the top up quantities of Ozzy Juice are determined, but when coupled with the HSE benefits that AE Aerospace will enjoy, choosing the Smartwasher® was an obvious decision.

Carl Goodlad concludes: “After using the Smartwasher® for a few months, any sceptics of water-based cleaning have been converted – everyone is incredibly impressed with the machine`s cleaning capabilities.  The manoeuvrability of the Smartwasher® makes the job easier and the cleaning process more efficient.

“The team really likes the 10-minute fluid control timer that stops the need for constantly checking whether someone has left the fluid tap running. The Ozzy Juice name is also memorable; in Aerospace, cleaning products are often not easy to remember and now everyone knows exactly what they are talking about.

About AE Aerospace

AE Aerospace engineers and manufactures components for the aerospace, marine and defence industries. The company currently has a site in Highgate in Birmingham and another in Dudley, but will expand into new premises next year.

AE Aerospace was established in 1996 to service the aftermarket needs of the aerospace industry. Since then it has become a class--leading supplier of precision machined components, serving a market which demands fast reaction times and bespoke, high-quality, precision parts. AE Aerospace has established a large network of customers and suppliers which gives them strong foundations for continuous, strategic growth.

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