The Importance of Product Testing

September 04, 2016

As well as providing a wide range of UKAS accredited tests for materials, including metallurgical testing, failure investigation, mechanical testing and chemical analysis, Rotech Laboratories are also well equipped to provide extensive third-party product testing for many different applications before they are ready for sale.

Before a product is ready to go past the initial prototyping stage into full production, and again before the product is ready to hit the consumer market, a series of tests are essential for a number of reasons:

  • First of all, a product needs to be acceptable for its target audience, not to mention it has to meet quality expectations in order to sell at all.?
  • To achieve customer satisfaction and to make sales, a product needs to be able to fulfil its purpose and to deliver on all of its promises. By ensuring a product passes a number of stringent tests before it hits the retail shelves, brands can be sure that their product will provide customer satisfaction and be more likely to lead to customer loyalty.
  • At the initial prototyping stage, if you are trying to gain investment to manufacture your product in mass, product testing results can help you to achieve patents for your invention and interest investors if you can prove the superior quality and functionality of your product when compared with similar products.
  • Before allowing any product to go on sale, it must be proven that it is completely safe. For example, product testing can prove that household tools or appliances are safe for use, or find any defects that could potentially be unsafe before the products are available for sale.
  • A further reason for extensive product testing is to ensure that it complies with any relevant government regulations. In most cases, product testing results are seen as valid proof that a product complies with regulations and is safe to sell.

At Rotech Laboratories, we provide an extensive list of industry standard product tests to ensure that your goods are the best they can be, as well as helping you find solutions to make improvements. Our tests include:

  • Performance and functionality testing
  • Durability testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Safety tests
  • Prototype testing and analysis

From household appliances, barbeques and hand tools, through to industrial tools, our product testing services are designed to give you the confidence you need in your products before they enter the consumer market. Please contact us on 0121 505 4050 to discuss your specific requirements with us and we will be happy to devise a bespoke series of tests to suit you.

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